Basic Understandings of SAP FI-CA

event concept, mass activities, master data objects in FI-CA

Posted by Kitty on September 24, 2017

What is FI-CA?

FICA (Finance & Contract accounting) is actually a component of the FI module, but serves as the AR subsidiary ledger for the CR&B receivables.

Why FI-CA?

FI-CA can seamless intergration in the general ledger or invoicing as well as in web-based self services and call center solutions.

其实一开始听到FI-CA,我也是懵的,因为大部分接触SAP的FI模块经常听说的应该是 FICO (Finance & Controlling). FICA应该算是一个industry specified的东东,主要是一些utility(公共事业)性质的公司才会使用,如水/电/煤气/cable TV,因为在manage巨大量的business partner(这里的bp大家可以暂时理解为水,电或者煤气的用户)时,FICA有明显的优势。

FICA的message intergration主要是基于SAP Netweaver Exchange infrastructure提供的xml接口实现的。

Envent Concept of FICA

Event can be managed using T-code FQEVENTS.

T-code就是transaction code 事务代码,在SAP中想进行一些操作,比如新建一张SO, 

event concept

Parallel process in FICA

SAP split up the process to reduce the processing time. Mass activities automatically devided the dataset, such as qty of bp or contract accounts.

简单来讲就势系统自动将大量的数据分组,然后每组可以互不干扰的执行自己的任务,但是同组的bp或ca不可以parallel。可以通过set interval的方法给bp或ca分组。但是需要注意的是parallel object variants必须定期update。因为bp或者ca一定会越来越多,如果parallel object variants不定期update一下,最后一个group肯定会越积越多,影响系统效率,如下图: Explaination

1. Interval length (现有bp分成n组)
2. Number of interval (每组n个bp)

需要注意的是如果bp在系统里的编号不是连续的,那么分组可能跟预期有差异。系统不是按序号算每个inerval, 而是按照实际bp数量算interval.

Master data object in FICA

简单来讲,要有BP (business partner), CA(contract account), contract, document. 关系如下图: Mater objects

Business Partner

Business partner can be a person, a group or an orgnization.

Roles of BP

BP category determines fields for data entry, when create a business partner, BP category is mandatory.需要注意的是,当bp已经create之后就不可以再转BP category了. BP Config The number range will be assigned to different bp group, and BP number range apply to all clients.

BP type controls mandatory or optional fields when creating a BP in FI-CA. BP address use central address management. Bank data and payment card maintained in BP leval.

Contract Account (CA)


correspondence包括支付通知(payment notifications),对账单(account statements),余额确定单(balance confirmations).


按照我的理解,一个水或者一个煤气户口就是一个contract 。


doc type